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Ballooning Like a Parisian in Napa

Napa Valley owes a lot to France. Following in the République’s grape-stomping steps, Napa rose to prominence as a world-class wine region on par with Bordeaux and Burgundy. A lesser known tie between the two, however, is hot-air ballooning, a Napa Valley must-do, which originated in Paris more than two centuries ago.

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Condé Nast Traveler

5 Things You Must Do In Greenland

The hushed Arctic island of Greenland is more than glaciers. Welcoming Inuit communities, surprising culinary depth, and bracing panoramas make the land of the midnight sun a singular experience any time of year. But you’ll need a few tips before pulling on your anorak.

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The Huffington Post

Fades and Frappes on the Lower East Side

The Lower East Side of Manhattan has been the stomping grounds for European pushcart vendors, rebellious punk rock kids and, now, meticulously-groomed hipsters who troll its streets for Instagrammable scenes. And they can find it—and a flash of all of that New York history—in the grinds at Ludlow Coffee Supply.

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Travel + Leisure

How to Recreate a Nostalgic Jersey Shore Vacation

Some of America’s most iconic tastes, sounds, and sights were created along the 127-mile New Jersey shoreline, from Sandy Hook to Cape May. From the thrilling strains of a carousel’s calliope to the sweet froth on an egg crème, the best of the past is still within reach on these boardwalks and in these seaside towns.

Slot article

Taking Shots With the Ski Bros in Tahoe | Roads & Kingdoms

“No Snow Talk” is printed on a flimsy sheet of paper and tacked up on the wall behind a blonde, dreadlocked bartender. That’s a hefty edict here at The Slot Bar in North Lake Tahoe, where snow is what’s on everyone’s mind all day, every day, and into the night.

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The New York Times

Newark's Brazen Voice | The New York Times

A bit more than 10 years ago, Tracey Scott Wilson descended to the lobby of her apartment building to find a teetering tower of packages addressed to her. It seemed not only that all the manuscripts of her novel had been rejected, but that all 30 had arrived back on her doorstep the same day.

Tahoe article

Roll a Fatty, Shoe Some Snow: No Skis Necessary in Tahoe This Winter

Carving down a clear mountain trail in Lake Tahoe is bliss — cool wind in your face, sparkling snow in every direction — a true moment of peace. But those who don't ski or snowboard are often relegated to the less-than-singular experience of sipping cocoa in a lodge. It doesn't have to be that way.

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The Huffington Post

Winter Bliss in Vail

The East Coast vs. West Coast skiing debate seems to surface every winter. Vermont vs. Vail. Stratton vs. Snowmass. But is there really any contest? We New Yorkers like to assume that we have — or are closest to — the best of everything, and we’ll proudly proclaim as much even as we slip down crowded icy slopes. The truth, of course, is that the Rocky Mountain range’s world-class skiing, breathtaking vistas and outdoor experiences are unparalleled in the U.S.

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The Huffington Post

A French Market Takes Manhattan

Americans may remember "Freedom Fries" and "Freedom Onion Soup," but in a grand twist of irony, Le District, a 23,000 square foot paean to French cuisine, recently opened directly across from the Freedom Tower at One World Trade Center.

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The Huffington Post

The Other Virgin Island | The Huffington Post

The British Virgin Islands pride themselves on not having "sold out" like the U.S. Virgin Islands. They like to keep it real, keep it pristine, keep hotels just a few stories high and cruise ships at a minimum. So when a new resort opened on the 230-acre Scrub Island in 2010, it was a hot topic.

Jetblue article

Quick winter escapes from Brooklyn | Examiner

New York City's tourism hits an annual high this time of year. So for local residents, it might be a good time to fuhgeddaboudit and jet off for a quick winter getaway.

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The Huffington Post

Are You Afraid of Detroit? | The Huffington Post

When I told my family that I was going to Detroit, there was a resounding "Why?!" Shocked faces. Mumbles. A well-traveled friend simply said, "Eeew."

The media hasn't been too kind to the Motor City, so most people who haven't visited seem to assume it's a wasteland of abandoned buildings and zombie workers from old car factories.

 rjc1307 article

Here's Where To Eat During White Truffle Season In NYC

'Tis the season for a string exciting moments, but most of all, the arrival of Italian white truffles. Some of the city's top restaurants are incorporating the freshest fungi, but like Christmas, these miraculous dishes come but once a year.

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Budget Travel Vacation Ideas: 5 Things To Do In Seaside Park, NJ

Summer in New York City often means endless chatter about trips to the East End of Long Island and tooth-grinding preparation for an appearance in the Hamptons. But if your style is a bit more mid-century chill—when all a harried city-dweller needed was a tattered paperback, a low-slung beach chair and absolutely no one to impress—consider Seaside Park, NJ.

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The Huffington Post

Finding Maya Culture Near Cancún

Quintana Roo is still the land of the Maya, who are not some "ancient civilization"--many live in the area today. To help preserve some of the community's lost heritage, Xcaret (meaning "little inlet" in Maya) endeavors to preserve so much of Mexican culture from cuisine to religion to sport across its 200 coastal acres. The ancient Mayan world is still very much alive in Quintana Roo.